About Me

I have been an avid reader of books going back to the days when my grandfather would read stories each night.  The love of books continues to this day.  I love reading all genres but I am truly in love with a good mystery.  I read at least 300 books a year on my Kindle and also purchases hard copies.  There is nothing like holding a new book in my hands and reading late into the night.


The growth of e-books has been a wonderful source of books.  When I went looking for the books at my book store or library, I found they were only available via e-books.  The problem existing today is that an independent author is on his or her own to get their book to the marketplace.  Mainstream media just won’t give an independent writer’s work any visibility.  Without a book review in a major newspaper or shelf space at a the major book store, the self-published or independent author must create a marketplace online.  Amazon was the first internet company opening their doors to all of the thousands of writers seeking a buyer.  Amazon has gone out of their way to create services and products to help the independent author find customers.


My desire to help the independent author build awareness and increase sales of their books is my way thanking those who have provided me with knowledge and enjoyment through their books.  Using my blog to increase an author’s market share for their books is a cost effective way to increase sale of their books.  Social media creates electronic marketing and sales tools for the independent author.  Using the blog will  help the independent authors make efficient use of electronic media, increasing their market share and sell more of their books to informed readers.

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