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This is a group for our young readers and authors of children’s and YA books. We would love to feature reviews by these readers of books they have read. All reviews will go on our Book Junkie – The Young Generation site

Book Junkie Promotions 10,000+ members
This is a sister group of Book Junkies. This page is for all authors to promote their books, blogs, radio interviews, tours, etc. You may promote as much as you wish, as many books as you wish, whatever genre.

Amanda’s Book Club
Amanda’s Book Club is all about reading and writing. It is irreverent, unpretentious and completely calculated to entertain. 2,500+ members

There’s an eBook in the Room 7.500+ members
A room full of eBook enthusiasts and their eReaders. Featuring the very best in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, There’s an eBook in the Room is your guide to great reading!

Creative & Professional Writing Information Exchange 10,000+ members
This group is maintained by the Creative & Professional Writing Team at the University of Wolverhampton, England. It is designed to list information of interest to writers worldwide.

Writers and Readers Unite 15,000+ members
Invite all of your friends to a place for authors and readers to come together. Authors may post about their new books and readers may post reviews or comments.

E Books Rock. 7,500+ members
E Books Rock is a place to post links about your books…feel free to post. The idea is to advertise, not beg for likes or friends. Enjoy! Open to all genres, international as well. Also on Google+ as E Books Rock. Join both groups and get more exposure!

BOOK VIRAL 2,500+ members
Book Viral is all about promoting the best in indie publishing. Without word of mouth the best books may never reach the readership they deserve. We want to change that. The rules are simple:

1) Join the group and and leave a like on our Facebook page and we will enter your book into our weekly draw for a week of promoted tweets through our twitter account.
2) For us to promote your book you must leave your twitter handle @whoever, the title and a link to your book in the comments section of the pinned post at the top of our page. Time is limited and we can’t read all your posts looking for links and twitter handles, sorry.
3) Promote your books in the group, but don’t post more than once a day; spammers will be deleted permanently. Promote Book Viral to your twitter followers including #BookViral in the tweet and your book will be entered into a random draw each week to be our spotlight book on Twitter.
4) Our group page is great for posting books and links but the real reach comes from growing our Facebook page. Liking it helps it to grow, which benefits you and everyone else in the group. You can find it here:
5) Last but not least: no spammers. If you are not posting about or promoting a book please don’t join the group, your posts will just be deleted and you will be blocked.

Red River Writers – Works of Writers & Artists Worldwide 2,500+ members
Please limit self-promotion posts to two a day. If you are posting reviews, radio shows, blog interviews, etc to promote others, please feel free to post them. We want to know what our members are doing, especially for others! With so many members, having everyone self-promote constantly, the board gets filled very fast. Thanks for understanding.
If you have writing related questions, need a piece of important information other members can help with or simply want to talk about writing, that’s what we’re here for!

The Mystery Readers Book Club 1,000+ members
This group is for mystery readers and writers alike. It is a place to share stories, write reviews, and just talk about your favorite author. Please be respectful, and, above all, have a good time! :-)

Authors and Book Lovers Discussion Group 10,000+ members
This is a discussion group for authors and book lovers to chat about their favorite books. All Authors are welcome to promote here! If you get a chance, come over and like my Author Fan Page.

Nook & Kindle Readers 10,000+ members
Closed group; all this means is you have request to join.
Welcome!! We’ve recommended thousands of books to over thousands of readers and NKR is a place people HAVE to visit when buying their next highly mentally stimulating piece of reading material. A nook/kindle is a hand-held electronic device that enables you to read books. This group is diverse. Many would consider it to be extremely fashionable, a clear expression you’re with the times. If you own one, you’re what some may call “hanging with the Joneses”. We offer a fair representation of books. Being a part of this group is a privilege. We take great pride in being able to offer one of the best and fastest-growing pages in such a short time since day of creation. If you love paperbacks, of course, they’re still great too, links will get you to those as well. This page is free for all in that there are no special rules regarding specific days of promo posting, “bells & whistles” etc., simply PEACE to post, shop & have an occasional conversation. Disrespect of any kind will NOT be tolerated and those who are not in compliance will be deleted without notice. Authors, post links for your books, upcoming events etc., add your supporters, READERS, feel FREE to SHOP for your next mind-blowing book and add friends. For promos, be sure to post regularly since we’re pushing the page’s link to many readers and websites on/off Facebook. Keep in mind readers will more than likely visit everyday, may not “like” or comment on your posts, but will click directly onto your link for purchase, further info. etc. Broaden yourself & post regularly!!! Happy reading!!!

Amazon Kindle Goodreads 7,500+ members
This group is for people who own Amazon Kindle and want to share their recommendations for books they recently read and liked, or chat about their favorite authors etc.

Passion for Books 15,000+ members
Everything related to books. Authors of books.

Book Lovers 2,500+ members
A group for people that love reading! A place to share blogs, websites, book deals, giveaways, sales, free e-books, contests, cover art, up and coming books, promote, share author pages, share your reader or review pages, share and socialize and so much more!
Are you a cover artist and want to share your work? Post it! Want to promote your book or a favorite authors book? Share pictures of book quotes, your favorite author banner or cover art designs, book store web pages or anything at all book related? Join along and post! Are your favorite books being turned into TV shows or movies? Talk about it! Post about it! Share your love of books, promote shamelessly, we love it! Any genre, any author, anything goes! Invite your friends, favorite bloggers, authors, anyone you’d like to add!

Murder and Mayhem Cozy Mysteries 1,000+ members
Anything about books of all genres.

Novelspot Readers 5,000+ members
Find out about the newest books here! Books, books and more books. Best books, freshest books, books by your favorite authors, by authors you hate, books you only like on Thursday, 24 hours a day, books! Did we mention, we’re all about the books? Authors, your brags go here! Contests, you’re in!

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