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John Kurtze Review  of “Hour of Need” release date 12- 9-14

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The story opens as attorney Lee Barrett and his wife Kate go into Scarlet Falls, New York to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. The pace of “Hour of Need” action accelerates when Lee and Kate are murdered in the middle of the street in Scarlet Falls. Detective Brody McNamara, detective of the double murder, notifies the surviving siblings Major Grant Barrett, stationed in Afghanistan, Hannah Barrett, corporate attorney traveling in Europe, and attempting to contact Mac Barrett, research scientist.

The Barrett siblings converge on Scarlet Falls, New York stunned by the murder of their brother and lack of evidence or motive for the murders. Over the last ten years, Grant, Hannah and Mac have been focusing on their goals and careers. The death of their brother Lee is a wake up call for the three siblings, realizing they know very little about each other’s lives and careers of their father’s issues dealing with dementia and not recognizing and of his children or family.

In addition to the unexplained murder, they also have to come to terms with who is going to raise Lee and Kate’s two children, Carson and Faith. Major Grant Barrett is on 30 day emergency leave, Hannah is in the middle of big merger, and Mac has a research project in Texas. Leigh provides her readers a unique story of family dynamics of the successful brothers and sister.

Living next door to Lee and Kate Barrett’s home are key protagonists Ellie Ross, a paralegal, Julia, Ellie’s 15 year old daughter, and Nan, Ellie’s grandmother. Leigh does a wonderful job developing the story line and keeps the pace moving ahead. Readers learn the back story of each key character and readers learn their role in “Hour of Need,” as they come into the story. When the time is appropriate, Leigh introduces us to the key antagonists and their interaction with other characters. The introduction and needed back story of support characters, both good and bad, are brought in to keep the story moving forward.

As the investigations uncover new information, the story becomes more complex with sudden changes in the story’s direction. As readers turn to the first page of “Hour of Need”, they will enjoy the fast pace of Leigh’s mystery/romance/suspense and will not want to stop reading. The plot’s energy keeps readers on the edge of their seats to the last page.

The “Hour of Need” story line delivers a gripping spine-tingling story in the Mystery-Romance genre. Leigh treats her readers to romance with passion and compassion on multiple levels. As she creates a plot with strong momentum, change of direction, and an unpredictable ending, keeping readers off balance. “Hour of Need,” captures readers who love a good mystery or stories that bring out the romantic in all of us. Leigh gets a 5 star ranking and a must read recommendation.

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