J. Carson Black Hard Return

Review by John Kurtze of “Backlash” by Polly Iyer

369 Pages

Published by Parkwood Press -Release date September 30, 2014

backlash cover

“Backlash” is fast moving story by Polly Iyer with two protagonists who are well-developed characters, New Orleans Lieutenant Ernie Lucier and his love interest renowned psychic Diana Racine. Ernie heads up a team of detectives of the District 8 Criminal Investigative unit.

Iyer sets her story in New Orleans by the French Quarter introducing the support characters and their back stories.   The pace of the Iyer’s plot increases when Ernie and his team of detectives gather to investigate the murder of Donal Harwood or his stage name, Keys Moran, who plays piano at Kitty’s Kabaret in the French Quarter.  He was a close friend of Diana Racine. Iyer takes her readers down a path twisting and turning and ongoing direction changes.  She continues increasing the pace of her story as she develops her two protagonists and both good and bad support characters.

“Backlash’s” plot gains momentum with the murder of Keys Moran. Ernie asks her to go to the crime scene with him, hoping Diana’s psychic power could shed some light on Moran’s murder.

Diana did feel and see something shocking through Moran’s eyes.  She saw a picture of a young man tied to a chair with a bullet hole in his forehead.  When Diana shares with Ernie what she saw, Ernie and his team were surprised.  Once again the pace of her story goes into high gear. Ernie and his team’s investigation is seeking motive for Moran’s death. Ernie and his team are making an effort to find the body Diana described in her vision – a man with a gang tattoo, silver eyes, and a bullet hole in his forehead.

The plot progresses as Ernie and his team of detectives begin their investigation of a series of unexplained murders.  We are given the back story of each character as Iyer introduces to her readers.  The plot of “Backlash” picks up momentum as Lucier and Diana find the unexplained murders going back several years are all connected.  Lucier thinks that someone is planning each murder.   Iyer helps her readers see how Ernie’s team was at first skeptical of Diana’s psychic power.  Each team member gradually embraces Diana’s special psychic capabilities.

Their investigation deepens and as information comes to the surface, it appears the unexplained deaths have been planned. Iyer introduces her readers to more information about her antagonists.  Iyer’s readers will be caught off guard as they learn who is responsible for the deaths.  “Backlash” will offer a breath taking ending that will be on Iyer’s readers minds long after they finish reading her book  This mystery, thriller, heart stopping story of murder and  intrigue earns my recommendation as a must read and a 5 star ranking.


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