Review: After Shock by C. J. Lyons



Before I began reading AFTER SHOCK by C.J. Lyons, I knew it would not be a full Lucy Guardino novel. We find more action and suspense in this novella of 111 pages of Lucy’s adventures than anyone will find in many other suspense stories. Lyons uses the flashback concept to walk the reader through the two time lines filled with suspense, unexpected twists and changes to Lucy’s mindset.
At any given time, the readers know Lucy’s point of view on the case she is working and how the time constraints will affect Lucy’s family. We see Lucy’s family at the center of every moment as Lucy shares what she is thinking. Lyons take the reader down the path with Lyons helping readers see Lucy’s focus on her family and her commitment to her job. These two commitments are the foundation of the storyline. AFTER SHOCK involves us from the first sentence on the first page to the last word in the epilogue.
Lyons brings her readers up to speed on the case closed by Lucy in the KILLING ZONE 15 months ago. The result of bringing down the drug cartel helped establish Lucy as head of the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Squad. She established a reputation of facing down the lowlifes bringing them to justice. Lucy’s determination and perseverance helped with her career growth and helped her find more time to spend with her family.
It may have been the job visibility that brought her family life to the attention of some unsavory people. The plot builds suspense and mystery around her family and cases she has wrapped up. Lyons helps readers see Lucy’s family activity as an important part of her day. We see Lucy flashback, as she deals with finding a solution to her problem she visualizes her family gaining strength and determination to keep moving. Lyons gives readers via flashback an understanding of what Lucy has been through and how she deals with the problem.
Not wanting to provide any spoilers with regards to what Lucy is going through, I am certain any reader of Lyons’ AFTER SHOCK, will find suspense, thrills, mystery, and chills running up and down their spine as they read the novel. Fans will find all sorts of excitement as they follow the story to a surprising conclusion.
As I have mentioned, I enjoyed how Lyons tells her story from a fresh point of view made possible by use of the flashback timeline. On every page, we see Lucy Guardino is facing challenges. Lyons reminds her fans our Lucy is strong and has a will to win. It isn’t a coincidence for Lyons to have psyched her fans into looking for and needing action and answers. We turn the last page and find we have lots of questions. Lyons makes it a point to tell us to put her next Lucy Guardino adventure THE HARD FALL on our wish list.
As a longtime Guardino fan, I hope we won’t have to wait long for the release of THE HARD FALL. Some fans will want to hold their breath to see how long they have to wait to find out how Lucy and Nick resolve all the challenges they face. Lucy is fortunate she has a great family, and that is the main reason she will overcome the problems at hand. AFTER SHOCK is Lyons at her best.

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