Review: Two Guys Detective Agency by Stephanie Bond

Guys Come Together To Solve Crimes and Family Mysteries!

Two Guys Detective Agency is my first Stephanie Bond book. I found Bond’s way of delivering the two main characters and their families enjoyable. The story got me involved from the beginning, and I found myself rooting for both characters success. It was impossible for me to put the book down.
This book is first mystery humor book for me and I can see why TV might be interested in creating a series. The plot gives us small pieces of the puzzle and then explains how each of the main characters worked on putting the pieces together. We gradually learn why the two characters didn’t care for other. They constantly picking at each others mistakes to show why everything was such a mess.
The issues between the two key characters seem to rub off on their families, as well as the characters in their social and business arenas. Bond can keep pursuit of solving the crime/mystery in the forefront of the story line. Solution to the mystery touches all of the characters differently. As answers to what the two investigators (our main characters)considered the only problem, they find there were new mysteries needing answers before they could move on.
Bond used the differences in lifestyles of the main characters to show how to deal with fair weathered friends. The way Bond used a female DA to but emphasis on the old issue of women were supposed stay home. She showed how issues of the past can effect the future. Bonds weave the importance of working together to overcome stereotypes in the workplace and the home front. The story line brought the two sisters together to work as a team which increased the strength of both main characters
Two Guy Detectives Agency is a great read. My only issue is I wanted more in the last two chapters. Linda and Octavia Guy, Bond’s key characters still had two unsolved pieces of the puzzle. Each sister had an unsolved piece of the puzzle. Linda’s missing Sullivan Agency case file and Octavia’s mystery envelope hidden at Grim’s pawn shop. We all were left wanting to know the significance of the case file and the sealed envelope. These two mysteries prick my desire to read Two Guys Detective Agency Book #2.
If Bond had written a bridge or teaser giving a hint, I would find my answers in Book #2. Without a hook, I couldn’t give a 5 star rating to Two Guys. If only there were 4.5 star rating available. So I had to give a 4 star rating and strong recommendation to read this book. I look forward to the release of Stephanie Bond’s next installment of Two Guys Detective Agency.

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