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J. Carson Black’s “Hard Return”* begins her thriller in a small community in Southern California. As readers turn the first page, Black’s Cyril Landry returns as the main protagonist for “Hard Return.” Landry stepped into the limelight in Black’s book “The Shop.” “Hard Return” starts out in high gear and never slows down until readers read the last page. After three years of being under the radar, Cyril Landry returns to ensure his family’s safety. Black delivers a riveting story full of suspense, thrills, mystery and intrigue. She captivates her readers with a riveting complex plot, strong protagonists and well-developed support characters, unknown antagonists, and unpredictable intrigue. Readers see the story through the eyes and thoughts of Cyril Landry. He knows how to take action to resolve problems. Black shows Landry’s ability to analyzes situations and create a plan of action. Black’s action-packed story brings all of the characters to life providing their history as needed. Her story line is increasing in intensity as readers finish each chapter. Action is moving so fast fans cannot put “Hard Return” down. The author’s writings bring a unique mix of family, murder, mystery, thrills, and suspense to each page. Landry is focusing his goal to protect his family.

Black’s writing skillfully captivates the readers by placing them inside Landry’s head so they see the action through Landry’s eyes, and they know Landry’s thoughts on how to pursue the antagonists. Black walks readers on Landry’s path as he uses every contact and resource available in hoping to discover the antagonist’s plans. The author changes her story’s direction several times uncovering intrigue and mystery and sub-plots. Black energizes her story by providing hard-hitting action and accelerates the pace of the plot to add twists and turns and sub-plots and well-developed supportive characters keeping readers on the edge of their chairs. Once again Black delivers her readers an exciting, intense story. “Hard Return” stops readers in their tracks as they experience suspense and spine-tingling thrills. Readers have trouble catching their breath and are not sure when to come up for air. Black skillfully picks up the pace of the plot by inserting changes to the plot or adding a new threat for Landry to eliminate. All the unpredictable changes keep readers off balance. Black skillfully keeps fans in the dark up to and including the most amazing surprise ending imaginable. J. Carson Black’s “Hard Return” is a must read and I am happy to give a 5 star rating.

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