Last Light


John K urtze Review of LAST LIGHT By CJ L yons

LAST LIGHT is a fast paced mystery thriller with every page full of action.  CJ Lyons’ protagonist is Lucy Guardino, a former FBI agent who now works as a Beacon Group consultant leading a team of young specialists who have little investigative training.  Lyons provides Lucy’s backstory so fans new to CJ Lyons characters can become acquainted with Lucy.  The author also gives readers backstories on Lucy’s team: Tom Worth, former ER doctor; George Washington Gamble, tech specialist; and TK O’Connor, investigator and former Marine MP.   As the storyline proceeds, Lyon’s skillfully provides additional information of all of the team as needed.   She also transitions smoothly into the past to help readers understand the actions of characters leading to events unfolding in the present.

LAST LIGHT’s storyline moves forward to a very emotional ending with Lyons bringing closure to several subplots for her readers.  Lyons places readers inside Lucy’s head so they can see and feel everything she experiences. Thanks to the Beacon Group’s investigation, Canterville, Texas will never be the same.    Readers old and new will enjoy meeting Lyons’ reinvented Lucy, making LAST LIGHT a must read.


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