LJ Sellers Delivers Powerful Stand Alone Storyline


John Kurtze Review of POINT OF CONTROL By LJ Sellers.

“POINT OF CONTROL” features protagonist Andre Bailey, an FBI Agent who marches to her own drum.  Sellers introduces readers to Bailey and her backstory.  Bailey’s reputation includes her ability to find facts and details in an investigation others have either ignored or just plain missed.  Bailey’s has an analytical way of looking at life. She was all business and doesn’t worry about people’s feelings The author places her readers inside Bailey’s head so they can see events unfold through her eyes. Bailey’s instincts and abilities deliver solid solutions to cases causing her star to rise within the bureau. Sellers creates a believable relationship between Bailey and the son of one of the missing scientists adding a human side to Bailey’s character.

Sellers introduces support characters, adding backstories and their roles they play as they enter the storyline add additional development details as her story progresses. The author creates several interesting subplots adding twists and turns to increase the intrigue and momentum to the main storyline.  Sitting on Bailey’s shoulder gives readers an inside look at how she begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  She is obsessed to find how little things fit into her investigation.  Sellers’ subplots, including an international incident,  gives her readers insight to the impact the antagonist’s plan on will have on national security.  She skillfully increases the action in the story, putting Bailey’s life in danger as wells as those close to her.  Sellers manages to keep her readers in the dark as events unfold delivering several heart-stopping moments to the story.

Readers follow Bailey’s investigation and experience spine-tingling feelings, as she uncovers betrayal at the highest levels of government.  She is not sure who to trust.  Sellers’ POINT OF CONTROL’s storyline is true Sellers style, weaving several well-developed sub storylines and well-defined characters, eventually becoming part of the thought provoking ending.   The author has a strong reputation of creating new law enforcement characters and storylines that captivate her readers, creating a thirst for more and a new series is born. Sellers has done just that with her new FBI Agent, Andrea Bailey.  Bailey is a refreshing unique crime fighter. A must read earning a 5-star ranking.


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